The Senior Choir (Chancel Choir) is the group charged with the responsibility of
leading the church in worship through the ministry of music. Members are required to be dedicated and
committed Christians, who are willing to make the sacrifice necessary to attend rehearsals which is
necessary for the task of keeping congregational singing in pitch with appropriate tempo and dynamics.
Also, presenting anthems or other items lifting up the name of the Lord before the congregation.

The choir is also involved in the area of fellowship and fund-raising, co-sponsoring the
annual garden party and distribution of harvest fruits and gifts. The choir presents concerts and/or rallies.
Dues per month are used to provide (a) flowers or cards for sick or hospitalized members (b) a minimum of $25
to members on the occasion of a death of close relatives (c) choir parties at Christmas or other times designated
(d) contributions to other worthy causes as decided upon.

Members provide their own hymnals and vestments.

Rehearsals are held on Friday evenings at 7:30 pm.