Chairperson: Sandy Burrell-Verger

Co-Chair: Ricardo Gilkes


The Ministry of Acolytes exists at the heart of our worship services. In the early history of the church, Acolytes were one of four lower orders of the clergy. The word “Acolyte” comes from the Greek word “Akolouthos” meaning young servant, or attendant who waits continually upon another, a follower. Acolytes today remain servants of the alter. Membership is open to anyone interested in answering the call to actively participate in the worship service. We also participate whenever possible in events at other churches and cathedrals as well as attend the Acolyte Festivals hosted by cathedrals.

We are presently 30 strong, ranging from ages 8 years to over 21 years.

	To God we serve
	By God’s help we serve
	To God’s people we administer His wish, and
	To our Priest we are dedicated

The Acolytes meet every Saturday at 10:00 am.