The Governmental Structure

1. The Rector:
The Rev. Dr. Pierre-Andre H. Duvert
2. Two Wardens:
Dr. Christine Greenidge
Mrs. Shirley Thompson-Nelson
3. Vestry Persons:
Mrs. Alecia Bradshaw
Mr. Samuel Coke
Mr. Milton Davis
Mrs. Beatrice Goodwyn
Dr. Winsome Grant
Mr. Larjo Guy
Dr. Jewellyn Holder
Mrs. Joyce Francis-Marsh
Mrs. Patricia McFadzean
Ms. Marcia Williams
Mr. Robert Williams
Mr. Carl Wright
4. Clerk of the Vestry:
Mrs. Olive Cole
5. Treasurers:
Mrs. Dionne Williams
Mr. Robert Williams

The Clergy

The Rev. Fr. Pierre-Andre H. Duvert
The Rev. Fr. David Steele


Our Organizations serve the church and community to address our spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Ministering Groups