What is AIDS?
AIDS (acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome) is a serious illness. The virus that causes AIDS attacks the immune
system, the body’s natural defense against disease.Damage to the immune system leaves the bodyvulnerable to secondary illnesses that can be fatal. There is still no known cure for AIDS, but effective treatments
are now available. Research continues in the hope of developing better treatments and a vaccine.

Nerve Damage from Diabetes

What are the symptoms of nerve damage caused by diabetes?—
Nerve damage usually affects the toes and feet first. Some people do not feel any symptoms, but other people can have symptoms that include:
Numbness or loss of feeling
Burning or pain–Pain is often worse at restor at night.
Tingling Feeling light touches as bothersome or painful
As nerve damage gets worse, symptoms can move from the feet up the legs. Once people feel symptoms in the
middle of their lower legs, they might also start to feel symptoms in their hands

Yes. Your doctor can usually tell if you have nerve damage by talking with you and doing an exam. Sometimes,a doctor will do a test to check how well a person’s nerves are working. This test is called “electromyography.”

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